We are growth Marketing Done Properly.


KW started off in 2018 when our founder Claire Woods decided to leave the corporate world behind and specialise in helping out businesses with their Social Media Strategy. Two things became apparent very quickly. 1 - Social Media ‘Experts’ were everywhere. 2 - Nobody was offering any help or guidance with LinkedIn.


January 2019, Claire decided to launch herself onto the world’s largest B2B platform, LinkedIn. Completely clueless and struggling to make sense of the platform, Claire realised that over 99.9% of the content was the most boring and unengaging content she had ever seen in her Social Media life! So it was time to shake things up a bit by posting the things that she was interested in, more colourful content with more thought provoking and engaging content. By September 2019 Claire had over 1,000 followers.


In January 2020 we started the Kennedy Woods company page. Things were ticking along nicely until Covid arrived… In March 2020,  we lost all our clients in one day as everyone panicked and ran around like headless chickens (obvs within their own homes – lockdown and all that). After the initial shock, we all realised that digital marketing utilising LinkedIn just carries on. So with a pandemic pivot Claire set about navigating her way around Teams and Zoom and offering all of the Kennedy Woods service packages online.


Even though the leads were coming in here and there on the back of the content, a lot of leads were from referrals from existing clients. We didn’t understand how to get a consistent stream of leads. Was it our content? Or was it how we engaged with our network? Was it our website? Was it all the coffee we drank? Or was it all of those things?


Two years later, Claire is nearing 10,000 followers on her personal profile and she has had over 5 million views of her posts. Meanwhile over on the Kennedy Woods company page, we have reached nearly 14,000 followers and have had over 10 million views on our posts. We think it’s safe to say that we’ve sussed it. We’ve gone through the frustrating part of trying to work out how to create and curate content, increase brand awareness and maintain a steady stream of leads.  We’ve done all the hard work so that you don’t have to.


Noticing a consistent series of requests for an agency that can provide a full complement of marketing service, Claire pivoted once again, providing holistic comprehensive marketing training and advice. This led her to discover the growth marketing model and embrace it as her practice. Since then she acts as a concierge of marketing, being able to provide a complete growth marketing approach by collaborating closely with specialist freelancers and agencies to help achieve your goals.

Our Founder

Claire Woods is the Founder and driving force behind Kennedy Woods. She is an experienced marketer and has worked in both the B2B and B2C sectors. 

Kennedy Woods is a Micro Agency and Claire holds it all together working with a team of trusted suppliers, from copywriters to graphic designers and website designers to SEO experts. 

Question is, what holds Claire together…? Well, when she isn’t busy training or curating cracking content for clients, Claire likes to bake cakes (also eat cakes, lots of cake), go for long dog walks with Barney (Chief Woofmeister and Head of Cuddles) and drink coffee (because, well, coffee).

Our brand values

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Experts – shared knowledge is powerful

We have become experts in providing effective marketing strategies across all areas of marketing. What we don’t know we source and work with experts in their field to ensure that only the best, most appropriate tactics, tools, and strategies are put in place to see your business succeed.

Connectivity – using our networks to help you build yours

It’s all about the connections and we have lots of them! We will show you how to build your network with increased connections and followers on both personal and business profiles.  Our LinkedIn network will be there to support you as you grow yours too.

Creativity – our curated content brings your brand to life

We’re not like other LinkedIn agencies – fact. We believe in finding the best content out there for your brand personality. Kennedy Woods spend hours and hours each day finding content for our clients. Why do we do it? It’s not just for the lols honest! It’s because we know that our curated creativity will always cut through the sea of boring corporate noise in your LinkedIn feed.

Consistent – we always deliver

When we say we are going to do it we mean it. Consistency permeates everything we do from quality content and regular posting to answering your questions and sorting out problems.

Approachable – here to help you and always smiling

We are a friendly bunch who love coffee (who doesn’t amirite?), cake (especially doughnuts), dogs (floofy frens are the best frens), Fridays (Best. Day. Ever.) and having a laugh. In all seriousness, if ever you are stuck or have a question, just send us a WhatsApp or an Email – we are here to help you on LinkedIn (also just love a chat tbh).

We’re Kennedy Woods Digital Marketing.

We show business owners how to get more leads, demos and free trials using LinkedIn as an effective social selling marketing tool, and save you wasting valuable time trying to work it out