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Your Ultimate Guide to growth marketing

Our Growth Marketing Approach

What’s better? Consistent business growth or one-off campaign results?

Our work focuses on growing your business through proven, effective, data-driven marketing strategies.

With us there’s no one size fits all, no grand promises, magic bullets, secret sauces, or expert hacks.

Just careful analysis, data informed processes, effective alignment, and most importantly – consistent hard work. 

What Is Growth Marketing?

It’s like when you’re at the cinema watching the previews and that bloke with the really deep voice starts talking:

In a world focused on tiny details, Growth Marketing looks at the whole picture. Your picture!

Growth marketing focuses on the entire customer journey and marketing funnel and when you reach the bottom of that funnel, it repeats the process but better.

Growth marketing looks at the whole pipeline, your business, its approach, and better aligns all of your efforts to provide a smooth, wonderful experience for your customers that then makes sales so much easier.

It’s also a type of optimisation, looking at the data and feedback to provide a better product, service, and increase loyalty with your customers.

As a process, it uses what works for you but common tools include A/B testing, SEO, Content Marketing, UX design, email marketing, and more to provide long lasting results.

Think of it like investing in the stock market. You invest, you experiment, you learn, you improve, and then year after year you see your results flourish into where you want them to be.

Growth marketing takes the whole picture, then breaks it down into tiny details and makes 1000 different changes, experiments, and optimisations to effect massive change.

We think of growth marketing as “marketing as it should be”. 

No more living in a silo, no more multi-tiered campaigns with 700+ metrics and goals.

You are instead given a robust, constantly evolving marketing strategy focusing on one thing – your business growing.

Or to put it another way…

If sales and marketing are a pipeline – then why are you letting money pour out through poorly aligned / separate pieces?

Why Growth Marketing?

Growth should be measured, research based, and perfectly suited to you. No generic strategies allowed.

Growth marketing is what businesses truly want. Sure they may want to double down on a social campaign and that can be very effective at creating growth. But it’s hardly the whole picture.

That’s what we do. We look at the whole picture of your business, your marketing, and your customer landscape creating a strategy focused on those variables.

Not only this but everything is intensely measured and refined.

Remember this is not growth hacking – that only focuses on short term 1-dimensional wins. Good growth marketing looks at all the possibilities on the table. This method then selects the best options for you to see continuous success.

Key Elements of Growth Marketing

Storytelling, Content, And Your Brand​

Stories and storytelling have stood the test of time. Stories have been the driving force of humanity since the dawn of time, and we have only grown in our ability to tell them.

Stories can make you laugh, make you cry, change your mind, or fix it for certain. A well told story that’s close to the truth is the most powerful marketing in the world.

That’s why it’s not arguable that the central focus we will have with you and your business will be developing your story and how to tell it.

Your story and your ability to tell it effectively are absolutely vital in today’s marketing. No matter who you are you need to be able to tell an amazing story.

It forms the foundation of your brand and with that will inform every part of your marketing.

A robust, comprehensive content marketing strategy centred around storytelling will be the greatest tool in your toolbox.

If nothing else, focusing on this element will nearly always guarantee results and set you up exceptionally well for success.

People, Processes, And Platforms

Now you have the story and the strategy set up you need to make sure you have the right people, processes, and platforms to deliver on it.

If you’re a one man or one woman band, first of all, give yourself a big pat on the back! It’s really tough running everything each and every day and you deserve all the recognition you can get.

Secondly, you need to be laser focused on your processes and platforms. Understanding where you need to be and how you need to be there consistently is going to be important to helping you grow.

If you have people and employees, then you need to consider their input. At the end of the day, they are your greatest investments and assets. So thinking about your people will be vital to achieving success.

Even the departments you don’t think about when you think “marketing” should be involved. Their input can be critical.

For example, you could have the best selling product on the market, but if your purchasing system is a nightmare, a lot of people will leave. Look towards all aspects of your business and its processes as you look to build your strategy.

Also, take a look at the platforms your business uses: Are you not on any platforms you really should be on? Experiment with them. Are there even platforms you are on that aren’t generating results? Then bin them!

Everything you use should help serve the functions of your business that it needs to.

Analysis, Attribution, And Adjustments

How do you know you’ve grown? How do you know if something has been successful in your business?

You measure it.

We all measure success using figures and facts. Using data to prove that what we did, the idea we had, and the work we completed paid off.

That’s why when you approach your marketing you should be looking at your data constantly and understanding what is working and what isn’t. 

Only then can you refine and improve on results that keep growing sustainably through to success.

Analysis goes beyond the numbers though, you need to talk to your customers. What’s good, what’s bad, what works, what doesn’t. Getting this kind of information is just as vital as understanding how many visitors came to your website.

However, in today’s world knowing the numbers is not enough. You need to know where they’ve come from and why they stayed or why they left.

Attribution can be the biggest headache you will face, so take the guesswork out and use tools to properly measure your efforts and results so that you can make informed strategic decisions to better your marketing.

Growth marketing is responsive. You don’t assume that the same kind of advertising or content will work forever. Instead, you keep trying new things based on the feedback that both analytics and customer surveys tell you. There’s creativity in it, but it’s creative problem solving not random chance.

Nice Words from Nice People

The Growth Marketing Method

We like to think of this as the scientific marketing method.

Hypothesise, experiment, test, measure, analyse, improve, repeat.

There doesn’t need to be a grand song and dance, we just need to have a look and see where you are now.  Once we have this we are able to carry out effective measurement, analysis, and experimentation based on quality data.

First, we create a hypothesis. Luckily for you, we create this based on years of experience and lots of research as to you, your business, your industry, and more.

We then set up our experiment. I know that word always sounds scary as business people always want certainty and results, but in marketing the only way to achieve that is through experimentation.

Then you apply your work. You test out your plan and measure the results. You will have made sure everything is lined up for you, experiment ahead of time, and that you can accurately and effectively monitor your results.

From there you analyse your results. What worked? What didn’t? What were the results?

Answering these questions and taking your time here will help you no end to keep improving and growing in the way you need to.

By finding out what didn’t work you can then look to improve the hypothesis.

Think of lots of micro-campaigns that respond to the current moment’s needs. The results generated by each campaign or piece of content help you learn the answers to key questions, such as:

  • What are your key customer demographics?
  • What are your users’ pain points—and how much are they willing to pay to solve them?
  • How often are your users interacting with your product and how deeply?

Each micro campaign is part of a larger whole campaign that ties into your business objectives.

The key is to start small and get some information on what marketing efforts are most effective. Then, focus your efforts on the channels that the data supports. Later, you can determine how much of your marketing budget to devote to those efforts. That’s why it’s perfect for SMEs and startups.

The Ultimate Growth Marketing Strategy

It doesn’t exist.

Growth marketing is a philosophy, methodology, and approach to marketing as a whole.

There will never be a specific strategy that works for all businesses. 

That’s why you need to focus your efforts on a strategy that works for you, your business, your needs, your audience, and (most importantly) is proven by your data.

Strategic business growth is not easy, but it can be simple. Apply the right strategy and principles to your business and course correct yourself when the data tells you to.

Those who measure and adapt their approach are the ones most likely to achieve success not only in general but also consistently and sustainably.

Our Approach

Your needs are innately individual and so they need careful examination and analysis. We talk with you to understand where you stand and where you want to be, we then take a close look at your data to establish “the baseline”.

Once we have that information we begin working with you to provide the strategy and support most effective to your goals.

If you need specialist services we work with a plethora of tried, tested, reliable specialists from across the country to ensure you receive only the best.

Before we start anything, we have a conversation. This in-depth talk will align your objectives from business goals to marketing results and then we place them as the focus of all our efforts.

Then we go and pour through any marketing data you have, analyse your audience, create the benchmarks and goals to reach, formulate the strategy and begin growing your business.

We work with specialist freelancers and collaborate closely with your and our internal teams to continuously test, optimise, and uncover new opportunities. From there growth and success become the results of habits not chance.

Our Services to you

Strategy and Insights

Marketing without a strategy is like driving to a new place without GPS. You’re going to get lost and it’s going to take you a lot longer to get where you need to go. An effective strategy, one that truly understands your customers and your business, will make growth a consistent part of your day-to-day.

Content, Video, and Creative

At the backbone of all modern marketing is content. We work closely with your brand to act as the mouthpiece for your business and create content that’s effective at building brand awareness, engaging customers, nurturing loyalty, and generating/converting leads.


You need to be found online and the best way to do that is to invest in SEO. SEO means you can not only be found but trusted by your customers with an amazing website, amazing content, and link building from effective trusted sources. Need it to be locally focused? We can do that  too.

Websites & User Experience

Your website is your digital shop front, you need it to look good, draw in customers, and keep them around. The best way to do this is with an amazing website built with the user experience in mind. We work with amazing web designers who do exactly that.

Measurement & Analysis

What’s measured is what can be improved. We ensure you have the best and most effective tools to measure your marketing success and then perform a careful analysis to figure out what went right, what went wrong, and what needs to be improved or experimented with.

Paid Advertising

Sometimes throwing money at a problem does solve it. Our paid advertising work ensures you get a consistent and optimal return on investment for your efforts. What’s better is that it will be aligned with your whole strategy rather than being a “standalone” campaign.

Online Coaching​

If you have a specific need that you want to fix then one of my coaching seminars is the best most cost effective way of addressing specific business issues. There are no pre-recorded sessions here. I talk directly with you about the matters that matter to you most.

Hands on Help​

Need the full package? We offer a bespoke tailored option for you to have all the specialists you need to make your business grow. Whatever your vision or industry we work with you to see actionable effective growth AND give you the tools to continue to succeed.

We’re Kennedy Woods - We Help your Business grow

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business, a solopreneur, or an established company with an existing department. We work with you as your plug in and play marketing department filled with specialists and experts.