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Do I need a blog page for my business?

In brief – Yes. Your business needs a blog. Whether you’re an accountant, a videographer, or a cyber security company. You need a blog. 

Recent research revealed that more than 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers ( HubSpot survey.)

And this is why…

🟢 It increases organic traffic to your website

Inbound marketing to increase organic traffic to your website is the GOAT*. Every time you publish a blog post, a new page is added to your site and  the Google web bots will say ‘Oh hello lovely new blog, we love new content to index and add to our mahoosive global database of information, thank you very much’.  This extra page is another page you can rank for and another page you can gain organic (and free) traffic.

🟢 It converts visitors

Obviously it needs to be a useful post eg address customer problems and offer a solution and always add a CTA at the end of the blog. 

So I could say something like:

“Getting frustrated that you’re not getting leads from LinkedIn? Why not book onto our Sales Navigator Training Course and we will show you how to target your ideal customers”

Then add a CTA button which links directly into your Calendly for a free discovery call? (*straightens crown, check my link below 😉)

🟢 Opportunity to convey complex information

Websites are just one of many customer touchpoints and as such they can only hold so much information. A blog enables you to supply in-depth answers to those burning questions your customers are asking.  Blogs also provide the opportunity to show that you are an expert, a thought leader in your industry.

🟢 It supercharges your content strategy

Blogs are an excellent place to provide a home for your content which you can then share on other channels.  It gives more reasons to collect email addresses and then send out newsletters.  Email open rates are at nearly 22% according to latest figures from Engine Mailer with conversions at a steady 2-5%.

🟢 It showcases your brand personality and gives your company a voice

Use your blogs to tell your brand story, kinda like one of those origin story movies if you know what I mean (think X-Men Wolverine). Here you can introduce your team or your network and show potential customers the human side of your business. Remember it’s not B2B or B2C it’s all most definitely H2H (Human to Human).   You could also host UGC (User Generated Content) here to bring your brand and your story to life. If you’re struggling to get your UGC together why not get in touch with the team at  Stitcht

🟢 Blogs are evergreen content that just keeps on giving

A well written blog just grows over time as more and more traffic ends up on your website.  The more it is read and shared, the more it ranks and so is found organically and if you’re really lucky you may even end up on Page 1 of Google. Blogs are an easy win and when you know your business well it should be pretty straightforward. However if you don’t have the time, why not get in touch.