A baby goat

Why bother engaging with content?

… to increase reach on your posts of course!

If you ‘like’ a post why not give it a friendly click. And when I say like, it could be any of the following:

  • like
  • celebrate
  • support
  • love
  • curious
  • insightful

A like on a personal profile post will increase the reach of a post by +2% amongst the content creator’s 1st degree connections and an additional +3% reach from the 1st degree network of the person who clicked like.

A like on a company post will boost the reach by +3 to +4% amongst company followers.

Feel free to use the ‘like’ reaction which resonates most with you when you read the post, it is your personal reaction after all. Having said that, stats have shown that the use of differing ‘like” buttons has not produced a demonstrable difference in results.

Having said all that, stats have also shown that there is a positive effect (growth in reach) you gain by receiving any engagement in the first 24 hours which will give your post further rach over 6 consecutive days up from 3 – 4 days in 2020.

So, yes, please do bother with engaging, it’s well worth it to get your name and brand out there on old Linky ?.

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Baby goat pic just because ?