Claire Woods

How do you get high engagement on LinkedIn?

You’ll probably have noticed accounts on LinkedIn that regularly get high engagement rates. When I say high engagement I mean on average 50+ likes.

(You will also have noticed how I am very camera shy ?)

Ever wondered what all these accounts have in common? They may be completely different personal brands with completely different messaging however, they:

☆ Have something to say

☆ Are not afraid to put across an opinion

☆ Are not afraid to show that they are human

☆ Are not worried about being liked by everyone

☆ Don’t look at the content wins or fails and take it personally

☆ Are committed to posting regularly, five days or seven days a week

☆ Are consistent with their tone and messaging

☆ Are supportive of other people’s content

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Just be you! Obvs don’t post something polarising and I always advise staying away from politics, also swearing isn’t needed.

By following these key points and by being consistent with your marketing, you should start to see results in 3-6 months.

So, don’t just sit there scrolling through your feed, get posting!

And if you would like some more LinkedIn advice why not get in touch ?

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