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LinkedInTop Tips 2022

Being LinkedIn Specialists we start by looking at the stats from 2021 to enable us to plan a successful 2022 for clients.

Not that we want to give everything away for free we are a very friendly helpful bunch at KW HQ and thought that a few LinkedIn top tips for 2022 would be muchos appreciated by you lovely lot.

So, here goes:

  1. Be proactive not reactive – it may be a new year but, surprise, it still has 12 months/52 weeks/365 days so you can still plan how many posts and when you want to post them this year.
  2. Consistency – be consistent. If you post 3x a week on Mon/Wed/Fri do it every week, this will trigger the mysterious algorithms and help to boost your post and increase reach.
  3. Engagement – always, ALWAYS (sorry for shouting) engage with not only comments on your post but also on other people’s posts. This again will increase reach as your posts will appear in other people’s feeds and so slowly but surely you will build your following.

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